@tommywest brings back the expansive mind-trip solo guitar record on Frequencies Of The Sun  

"West’s music is based in traditional values like melodicism, and strong song-writing...I dub Tommy West pure of heart, and thankfully, he’s got the chops to transmit something beautiful, to take you on a journey for an hour, through the Big Green Universe." -- J Simpson @ forestpunk

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"If guitars died and went to heaven, this is what heaven would sound like." 

"Frequencies of the Sun”, drips with crackling guitars, both electric and acoustic. If guitars died and went to heaven, this is what heaven would sound like.....His guitar impresses without suppressing the music which is the backdrop to his prowess. As a musician I am going to steal, borrow and be inspired by it, which is probably the highest compliment I could give Tommy’s music.." -- Rick @ Jamsphere.com"

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"Frequencies" reviewed by our Canadian friends at Sleeping Bag Studios 

"On Frequencies Of The Sun, Tommy West is firing on all musical cylinders.  Not only is there tremendous playing ability displayed on virtually any track – but also some really in-depth songwriting as well.......Where I did feel surprised the most was in the creativity all throughout Frequencies Of The Sun.  While certainly the playing and skill level can be compared to the giants of the guitar like Satch or Vai – the sounds…the songs…are really unique to themselves and actually quite brilliant. ." -- Jer @ Sleeping Bag Studios

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