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2014 Featured Artist : Tommy West

Tommy West is an artist/composer/producer operating out of Nashville, TN. His style is reminiscent of the 70s  rock approach; layers of acoustic guitars, odd tunings, familiar- yet-fresh and melodic guitar playing splashed against driving rhythms.

His musical sensibilities flow from a spirit of compassion, humility, harmony, and unity resulting in a tall drink of water for a divided and burning world. Tommy's latest album,  Frequencies of the Sun, is a scenic ride through the cosmos, traversing the universe on waves of textured guitars with soaring melodies. Candy for the imagination and food for the soul.

For "Frequencies", he brought in a number of talented musicians to bring depth and life to the experience, including Jeremy Warren (drums), Chris DeRosa (drums), Don Barrett (bass), and Dave LaGrande (keys).

Put on some headphones, turn the volume up, and break free from the world’s grind for awhile…glide across the cosmos. They don’t make music like this anymore folks.

Big Green Universe

Tommy West is a driven, kaleidoscopic and passionate artist with a unique approach to his blend of instrumental rock. His guitar chops are comparable to influential artists the like of Steve Vai and Joe Satriani, icons who truly revolutionized the meaning of “lead guitar work”.

Music is art, and if art has a purpose, it is definitely about reaching deep within the listener’s soul. His guitar lines could be compared to the performance of a soul vocalist…in other words, those six strings truly sing!

More More Sound

I can hear a song like West’s “Journey to Ixtlan” and know beyond a shadow of a doubt I’m listening to one of the future guitar-masters of our time.

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