'Frequencies of the Sun' love is spreading...

"This album is a true winner because it showcases a balanced compromise between a very technical and gifted guitarist and a skilled and attentive song-writer who actually cares about creating beautiful songs..." -- more more sound

"This album will take you away into a sonic wonderland of beauty and power." -- verycooltunes.com

"Tommy West is not too far from becoming a part of a classic G3 or G4 lineup himself...massively impressive in tone, playing and overall sound." -- Jer @ Sleeping Bag Studios

"...rustic yet completely out of this world..." -- Mizz Ruby @ A Little Taste of Mizz Ruby

"As a musician I am going to steal, borrow and be inspired by it..." -- Rick @ Jamsphere

"...brings back the expansive mind-trip solo guitar record...Something is transmitted." -- J Simpson @ forestpunk

your mind will be melted with amazement at what true music is." -- indiebandguru

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