"FotS" reviewed at Skope Magazine

"...a remarkable album with the uncanny ability to show off talent while remaining well attuned to the necessity of melodic progression."

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"a journey through time, space, and guitar mastery"

"His style is not the country mainstream that hails from his locale but instead a guitar heavy mixture of exotic sounds that seem impossible at times."

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Some love from the folks over at ...

“Frequencies of the Sun” is a MUST for any aspiring guitarist or audiophile who wants to fill their library with masterful and refined instrumental music.  I am glad this album crossed my desk late last week.  I have been absorbing…

"Frequencies of the Sun" review at More More Sound

"Music is art, and if art has a purpose, it is definitely about reaching deep within the listener’s soul. His guitar lines could be compared to the performance of a soul vocalist…in other words, those six strings truly sing!" --…